Becoming an Awardee of BPI LPDP PK-66

10th March 2016

It was a nerve wrecking moment for me. Right after my plane had landed on CGK airport around 9 PM, an email arrived from LPDP. LINE group suddenly full of both joy and sorrow, many of them were accepted and many were not. The flight attendants of CITILINK QG-833 had commenced all passengers to get off the airplane. I still remember the feeling of joy when I read my scholarship application was successful. The best feeling when you just arrived from your duty and got a jubilant news.

First of all, I like to tell about what is the scholarship about. The BPI (Beasiswa Pendidikan Indonesia) or the Indonesia Education Scholarship is a higher education scholarship program organized professionally by LPDP (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan) or the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education. The scholarship aims for prospective future leader of Indonesia in several strategic fields such as Energy, Science, Food, Maritime, Law, Economics, Creative Industries, Medical and Health to pursue their Master or Doctorate education in top universities in Indonesia and overseas. The program is very popular, attracts thousands of applicant each batch. I enrolled for 1st batch of 2016, more than 1000 students were accepted for both overseas and domestic universities.

The idea of this kind of scholarship may be heard in some countries a long time ago, but first time in Indonesia. Demographics on 2045 tends to advantageous for Indonesia, but in the term of number. Making sure the bonus turn into advantages for Indonesia, this program intends to prepare future leader in several sectors through higher education funding. Strategic research also fostered by generous funding to prepare the economic boom in the next twenty years. I am feeling optimistic for this thought, Indonesia may be top country in economics in 2045.

PK (Persiapan Keberangkatan)

PK is more like Program Kepemimpinan (Leadership Program) for me. All of BPI awardee should attend this program to receive scholarship contract that funds their study. PK also one of the important thing that make LPDP distinct from other scholarship program. I found myself lucky to attend this program. Yet the program was very tiring but it was very worth valued. I got batch sixty six or the PK-66. We call ourself as the Laskar Dewantara. Inspired by the spirit of fostering Indonesian education inherited from National Heroes, Suwardi Suryaningrat or famously known as Ki Hadjar Dewantara. He was the founder of Taman Siswa, school for indigenous people in the era of Dutch colonialism. His famous proverbs could be seen in Indonesia Ministry of Education motto, Tut Wuri Handayani.

Laskar Dewantara consisted of best people from their fields all over Indonesia, Elementary school teacher, general practiticioner, university lecturer, foreign ministry staff, national development staff, private sector professional, humanity volunteer, social media consultant, NGO, veterinarian, spatial designer, researcher, lawyer, entrepreneur, dentist, to civil servants. This is the perfect networking program for future Indonesia professionals, entrepreneurs, and officials.

We can meet famous, cool-people-you-can-not-meet-unless-in-pk like Marty Natalegawa, Roby Muhammad, Butet Manurung, and many others. Marty Natalegawa was a foreign minister of Indonesia on SBY era, known as his eloquent and stylish manners. Roby Muhammad as I first knew his name and his face was actually very inspiring talker. I like his idea about passion is actually bullshit, nobody has only one passion in his life. Pursue what you’re interested in with your best effort and success might come. Well he proved that in his life journey, from physics graduate student to social network analyst. Butet Manurung, known for his activity in teaching indigenous people in the jungle with SOKOLA RIMBA.

My batch, PK-66 got the chance to do rafting as the outbond activity. Aside from inspirational and motivational from famous speakers, we also had outdoor activity for team building. Lucky for us, we got rafting at Paralayang River in Pangalengan, West Java. It was the best day of PK, having fun all day. In short, PK is one of the offering point of LPDP scholarship you should get.

Selection Process

Well, about the selection process I could not say much. The selection process was normal: Administration – Interview – FGD and essay writing. Notes for you that will undergo the process:

  1. Preparation is the king, Never attend the selection without proper preparation about knowing yourself and your study plan. The scholarship wants people who will come back to Indonesia with their knowledge, to build Indonesia. Make sure your plan in the future fits with this.
  2. Believe in yourself. You will meet highly competitive people in the selection with high achievement. No need to compare yourself to others, the only man you need to beat is your ego.
  3. LGD and Essay. I did not finish my essay back there. In LGD, I am one of the most ordinary contributor in the group. Do not concentrate too much in this section because it seems that they are giving less contribution than the interview.

Well, good luck for you all who intending to apply for LPDP scholarship!

Ronald Sukianto

PK-66 Laskar Dewantara


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