Emergency Response for Soaked Blackberry

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My Blackberry Curve 8250 or Gemini so it’s called, have had many times of error and abrupt shutdowns condition. In my personal opinion, Blackberry has splendid toughness of harsh condition. I am not a neat person who cares about his phone nicely. My Gemini had already more than three times of water incident, when water perspire into the phone because I have no side casing. It was truly my fault though. After those incidents I always found the same problems occured, my blackberry keyboard is not working albeit power is still on. Even though the phone turned on with no problem at all, still I can’t navigate the phone because the keytone is not responding. After Googling for certain same cases, I founded the fact that blackberry could has Moisture Attack. Blackberry will not responding any keyboard input because there is certain amounts of moisture inside it. I was so desperated that time because I lost my only one phone back there, I was thinking about buying a new phone. Then, suddenly the idea emerged! Here was the idea:

If you are asians, you eat this everyday. This is rice grain, which if cooked will turned to rice. Rice is a primary carbohydrates sources. Among all characteristics of rice, one will be used for this emergency action. Rice has capability to absorb moisture from nearby sorroundings. This is same effect as using desiccant (silica gel is the most popular) for drying purpose. Let’s go to the steps:

1. Open casing, remove the battery of your blackberry.
2. Prepare a sufficient amounts (a quarter kilograms is more than enough) of rice enclosed in proper container.
3. Just put the naked blackberry inside the container, above the pile of rice.
4. Take some time (for me I leave it for a night) for the drying process.
5. Voila! After some time, you can check that your BB is working again! That means the moisture has already sucked by the rice.

Congratulations! Now you can cooked your rice!

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