Internship at Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology, POSTECH

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Even this is late post, I hope you can benefitted from this post whether you are interested to join the internship or the graduate program at Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology at Postech.

GIFT mates
GIFT mates

I finished my internship exactly one year ago, at the early day of February 2014. I departed to Korea at several days after New Year, the internship itself took almost two months. Two months felt very short, time flew so fast back there. Common relativity law applies here, time felt so fast when you enjoy something and vice versa. In short, I really enjoyed my internship in GIFT matter two months just passed without notice.


How to apply?

GIFT opens internship program semi annually every summer and winter. You can access their page via to find out actual information about the program. Documents required are english proficient certificate (TOEIC, IELTS, or TOEFL IBT), academic transcripts, letter of motivation and research plan, and internship form. I used TOEFL ITP year ago but later I found out that ITP TOEFL is not recognized anymore. GIFT only accept documents sent via air mail, online document submission will not be processed. The announcement of successful applicant will appeared at website and successful candidate received personal email.

In the internship form and research plan, you must submit which laboratory you would attend during the internship.  You can choose 3 alternatives of laboratory with your respective priority. I entered Surface Engineering Laboratory, Material Mechanic Laboratory, and Material Reliability Laboratory as my priority subsequently. Later I was accepted at MML because SEL was no longer available for new student. People said the lab would be shut down soon. MML’s activities were the most mutual to my field, Mechanical Engineering. They did research upon mechanical properties of material during stamping and forming process. Some PhD students even studied microstructure effects to material properties via Finite Element Method. The head professor on MML is a famous person in his field. I did not that he was famous but later I founded out he was celebrity in his field. Unfortunately I only met him for 1 days because one day after my arrival, he went to Switzerland for his sabbatical period.

Material Mechanics Laboratory
Material Mechanics Laboratory

Learning opportunities

Pohang University of Science and Technology is one of leading research institute in South Korea. In engineering field, they main rival is KAIST.  They provide advance technology for research activity besides good benefit to students. Master students on GIFT will received 1 million KRW per month for monthly stipend. It was more than enough to life in Korea with student lifestyle. The motive of their generosity is no other than pushing their research activities to produce more published paper and patent. As you can see in THE, POSTECH has good industry outcome and citation score which make them as rank 66 in the world. For you who seek for good academic and research experience, POSTECH is excellent for you.

My research

It was not a true research anyway, I just helped my senior there for little regression work. I did a comparative study on predicting high temperature flow stress in 22MnB5 alloy steel using Johnson-Cook and Arrhenius constitutive equation models. The 22MnB5 material commonly used as body pillar material of automobile. Its characteristic of strong yet low in weight made this material used. Because the manufacturing conducted at high temperature to form the material easily and quench is applied (cooling of high temperature material with fast cooling rate) we need to know its behaviour for accurate forming process. I also witnessed and participated while obtained the data through experiment. We were using Gleeble quenching machine, and it was my first time experiencing research works. Kinda frustrating when your speciment fail due to small mistake.

Live in Pohang

Pohang is number 9th most populated city in South Korea. Albeit it does not have high modernity compared to Seoul, it was really a nice city to live. Postech located on sub-urban area apart from downtown and crowded city part. Still the downtown and famous city part are easy to reach via bus transportation. Postech has complete facilites for student including football field, gymnasium, swimming pool, library (really cool library though), and student cafetaria. You can buy your daily needs at convenience store inside campus area but big convenience store like HomePlus is also easy to reach, only one bus ride to reach. Final say, location of POSTECH is convenient for students.

The internship offers valuable experience on steel related research which you can really benefit of, specially for you who intend to apply for GIFT graduate program. Internship alumni has better chance of acceptance for the graduate program.

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2 Replies to “Internship at Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology, POSTECH”

  1. Sir,
    I want to do this internship also. But I’m from Computer science background. Can I apply for this internship and if yes then in which lab? Kindly answer. The last date to apply is 27th Nov.

    1. Hi Deepkia,

      I am not sure whether they accept non-mechanical or material science related major, however you can demonstrate your computer science knowledge and programming skill that will be useful for the research program on the application form. Everything is possible!

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