Johor Bahru – Singapore with 100 SGD

I have travelled to Singapore for several times. There was time when I went there without touristing intention but for transit purpose. My actual destination was Johor Bahru, located in Malaysia peninsula. At that time Johor Bahru was still an unpopular travel destination for Indonesian, making the airfare was considerably high. The alternative and cheaper way was to transit at Singapore and travel via bus on Johor-Singapore causeway. *In 2015 Air Asia has good offer for airfare ticket due to the rising popularity of JB whereas LEGOLAND located there. Direct travel maybe cheaper depends on the occassion though.

The Universiti Teknologi Malaysia is located on Skudai, Johor Bahru. My purpose was actually to compete in Oil Rig Competition during the Oil and Gas Festival held by the Society of Petroleum Engineer UTM Student Chapter. Long story short, I stayed in UTM for 2 days and 1 night. Lodging and food (lunch and dinner) are provided so not much money I spent in Malaysia. Last day when I departed to Singapore I bought a lunch box in campus cafetaria priced around 4 RM.

Blissful Loft Inn at Clarke Quay area

One night cost on dormitory room type (bunk bed, mix man – woman room) was 30 SGD . Facilities:

– 2 Share bathroom

– Free breakfast (bread and jam with coffee or tea)

– Free internet wifi and desktop computer

– Living room

My impression about this place: such a quiet and nice place to rest located on Clarke Quay neighbourhood. We had surveyed other inns around there, this is one of the cheapest in price with high availability of rooms. Blissful Loft inn and China Town put distance between two MRT station and could be reached with 10 minutes of walking.

How to save 30 SGD for lodging budget? The way that I have tried is to sleep in Changi airport to avoid inn cost, one time in 2012 and one time in 2013. At night, you can see several passengers sleep on bench on terminal 2. They sleep with their suitcase and bag beside them or below them as they used it as pillow. As we know Singapore is one of safest country in the world, it can be assumed their airport is safe. At least I already proved it for 2 times I slept there, every person in our group have nothing stolen there. Maybe the real reason was our frugal looks made nobody even had intention to stole something from us. Apart from that, until now I have never heard about criminality on Changi airport.

Total spent

10 SGD 10 pieces of low quality Singapore keychain bought at Chinatown

30 SGD Blissful Loft Inn

5 SGD Hainamese rice with sweet pork for lunch

20 SGD EZTicket for MRT transportation

35 SGD for spending in Johor Bahru and intercountry bus

Total spending 100 SGD


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