Korean Facts – Do You Know that They Brush Three Times a Day?

I have ever lived in South Korea for two months and I met enormous facts about Koreans (and I think they’re very unique):

  1. Koreans brush their teeth after every meal in one day! It’s more likely to be a such lifestyle in Korea to maintain your oral hygiene. All of my colleagues here always brush their teeth after they eat the meal (applied for breakfast, lunch, and dinner). This facts amazes me because it’s a very rare activity to be done for me, ordinary Indonesian. I just do my regular teethbrushing (night and morning) everyday.
  2. Korean likes ramyeon (instant noodle) and they have a specific pot for cooking ramyeon. Let’s call it Ramen Pot. It looks very nice for a boil pot, because it colored as gold, medium size, and it is perfect for ramen cooking. From my experience for cooking ramyeon, it can fit up to 4 ramyeon each time.
  3. Korean likes to eat soup (tang, gug, and jigae) very much and they eat it together with acquaintances from one big pot. Usually korean soup served in large pot so we could eat it together with friends or family. Here is my opinion about korean soup:

– Korean soup has magic effect, I feel very healthy after eating Korean soup. – Korean soup (almost) always had red pepper in it. – Korean soup doesn’t contain much salt, yeah it’s healthy though! – Korean soup always served at very hot level (literally very hot). – Korean soup always better served with rice.¬†And if you are travelling to Korea, I suggest you to try this Sundae Gug or the soup of sundae. I like this food very much, it was addicting.

  1. Korean loves their country so much, they have pride of the nation in their heart. They use Samsung, Hyundai, KIA, LG, Lotte products which are Korea’s national product.
  2. Korean really likes to drink, specially Soju. Soju is Korea’s national liquor which have incredibly cheap price. Priced 1000 Won each bottle. Compare to milk which worth 2000 won, soju can be categorized as cheap drinks.
  3. Korean has modern queen, Queen Yuna. Actually it’s Kim Yuna, the famous world figure skating athlete. They love Yuna very much.
  4. Korean food has so many side dishes. Even if you only order one portion of beef soup, you will get kimchi, vegetables, dumplings, garlic, etc for the side dishes.
  5. There is one ramyoen that tastes very hot, buldak bokkeum myeon. I like spicy and hot food but still this ramyeon is worth to try. You must taste the after burn sensation! It was the most hot ramyun I’ve ever tasted.
  6. Korean students study very much. No wonder their country has developed so fast.
  7. Koreans often avoid to speak in English even they can speak.
  8. Sashimi and korean beef BBQ are considered as luxury foods.
  9. Future bride have to “pay” the groom family a compensation for a wedding. Contrary to what happens at my country, Indonesia. Being man in Korea is benefitting though!
  10. Koreans like to eat alive octopus because of they give much stamina for men. I did not really feel the stamina effect, maybe because I ate the roasted one not the raw and alive one. Yeah, that’s a few facts about Korea and still plenty of that actually that I cannot recall. If you plan to travel to Korea, make sure you taste all of the food because they are amazing.


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