Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S Review

Well, I am a new Samsung Tab Pro S user and been using it for one month. I bought it on Currys PC High Street Kensington, London for £ 499. I bought an EJ-PW7000 pen for £ 40 to enable the note writing feature. Overall, the transition from using heavy ASUS A-42JR laptop to lightweight Tab Pro S has been a pleasant experience. I am using this tab as a productive tools, mainly for note taking during lecture, processing word and spreadsheet documents, also running some optimisaiton programs for coursework, and entertainment basic like video and musics. I have not tried to play any games but I think it would be only for some basic games, not the resource intensive one.

Why I chose this over Microsoft Surface Pro 4? and iPad Pro

The 2in1 tablet laptop market mainly dominated by microsoft surface as the premium product, as Samsung tried to penetrate the market in 2016 with Tab Pro S. I did not consider iPad Pro because I want Windows OS so it did not count in my consideration. Truthfully, I chose Tab Pro S because it was cheaper than the SP 4. Back there, with student discount of 10% reduction, I need to pay around £ 770 for the SP4 with keyboard (typecover) so around £ 200 difference between the two of them with the same specifications (I bought the Intel M3 processor by the way). As I always look at the value, for standard office and internet activities purpose the Tab Pro S will be better. Maybe if you are a graphic designer, SP4 is worth to consider. I noticed the pen sensitivity is better in SP4, the pen design is more comfortable thatn Samsung’s.

Another consideration is the battery; some review in the internet said that SP4 is not so good for its battery life. Even though the Tab Pro S is not so good also, but it is still better thatn SP4.

Minus points

  • AMOLED display is not as good as SP4’s super screen resolution but I think it is good enough for watching HD movies.
  • The monitor only has two angles, 15 degree or 75 degree. SP4 has adjustable agle for the monitor. Yeap, this it the biggest minus point of Tab Pro S in myh opininon.
  • No backlight keyboard, yeah sometimes it is matter.

Plus points!

  • No need to buy a case because the keyboard is bundled as a case for the whole tab, not like SP4 that you need to buy case protection to avoid scratch.
  • Easy handling, easy switch to tablet and laptop mode. Very mobile! You can just flip your laptop in 2 seconds and you are ready to go.
  • Windows 10! Windows 10 is the good improvement, I love how quick it is and love the cortana feature altough it is not as smart as Siri. Haha.

Yeap, that is what I can share right now after 1 month of using this convenient devices that had helped much during lectures and study activities. I hope this post can help you find the insight when considering to buy a 2in1 laptop which I think will be the mainstream laptop in the future. Cheers!

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