Yuki Japanese Restaurant – Melawai Blok M Review

Saturday noon date, we decided to go to a Japanese restaurant and found this Yuki Restaurant in South Jakarta. All with covid protocols, we were the first customer that time and seems like they were more busy during weekdays.

Best dish (personal) : sanma shioyaki (grilled mackerel) + miso soup + rice & aburi chutoro (tuna belly + avocado sauce)

Cost for 2 people: 300,000 IDR (we spent 500,000 on eating spree of double normal portion).

It is located inside the Blok M Plaza block. Visited on February 2021. (Please check that they have break time after lunch and open again at night)

We longed for Japanese restaurant since the beginning of the pandemic, but at that time would try a non-chain restaurant. Having seen a documentary video of Japanese complex in South Jakarta ( I guess it is Asumsi District series), we narrowed our area into Blok M area and found this restaurant with relatively good rating.


Quiet, dimmed light, filled with Japanese ornament and furniture and some non mainstream Japanese music. I think this is a perfect ambience for a laid back lunch setting with your friend/significant others, where you can chat over the food.

At night, the place might turned to more busy and noisy place with coworkers chatting over food and beer. They also offer some yakiniku round stall.


Lunch set (as seen on Japanese manga and drama)

On Japanese drama of movie, often we see lunch set consisting of grilled fish, miso soup, rice and other condiments. That time I got to try the typical lunch Japanese set. As a complementary dish, I picked agedashi tofu.

I really love the taste of the grilled mackerel! To be honest, it looked just like an ordinary fish however I like the texture of fish and the minimalist taste of grilled fish. It is a simple salty taste that goes well with fish dishes. Crispy semi burnt skin also goes well with the Japanese rice.

For miso soup and agedashi tofu, as typical and ordinary food we did not observed special/unique taste as they were just perfect as a companion to the tasty mackerel. Would love to have this typical lunch more often!

Aburi chutoro

We did not order the best seller menu there (the beef yukhoe) as I do not eat red meat. Instead we pick the tuna belly with avocado sauce. Seeing from the visual that drawn three unique seasoning (partly grilled fish, creamy avocado sauce, and savory soy sauce) we were curious about the complex taste it brought. Our taste bud liked it, dominant strong soy sauce mixed well with the tuna texture. Avocado taste however were not captured in the sauce but more offering creamy mayo taste but with avocado smell. Overall we like to combination!

We really recommend trying the restaurant for lunch! Switching the busy scheme of crowded sushi restaurant in shopping malls into this quiet restaurant should be a refreshing moment.


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